Effective Jan. 1, 2017, NCATS will no longer supply compounds and NIH Clinical Collection sets through its Small Molecule Repository (SMR). Queries concerning NCATS compounds may be referred to shinnp@mail.nih.gov.

MLSMR processes all received samples in a standard, high-throughput Quality Control regimen that checks their weight, solubility, identity, and purity.

  • Sample weight is verified to ensure that the minimum amount required was received.
  • Sample solubility is checked in a volatile solvent mixture, used to prepare Working Store (WS) and LC-MS samples, and DMSO, used for sample storage. MLSMR accepts only completely soluble samples.
  • We use LC-MS to determine sample identity and purity using two Waters eight-channel MUX instruments with combined capacity to analyze one million samples per year under a variety of conditions. MLSMR accepts samples where the molecular ion is identified and Area Under the Curve (AUC) is at least 90% by Evaporative Light Scattering (ELS) or UV (at 214 nm) detection.